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This detection is to identify a suspicious process that tries to delete the process file path related to its process. This technique is known to be defense evasion once a certain condition of malware is satisfied or not. Clop ransomware use this technique where it will try to delete its process file path using a .bat command if the keyboard layout is not the layout it tries to infect.

  • Type: TTP
  • Product: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Cloud
  • Datamodel: Endpoint
  • Last Updated: 2021-03-17
  • Author: Teoderick Contreras
  • ID: f7eda4bc-871c-11eb-b110-acde48001122


ID Technique Tactic
T1070 Indicator Removal on Host Defense Evasion
`sysmon` EventCode=1 cmdline = "*/c del*" Image = "*\\cmd.exe" 
|eval result = if(like(process,"%".parent_process."%"), "Found", "Not Found") 
| stats min(_time) as firstTime max(_time) as lastTime count by Computer user ParentImage ParentCommandLine Image cmdline EventCode ProcessID result 
| where result = "Found" 
| `security_content_ctime(firstTime)` 
| `security_content_ctime(lastTime)` 
| `process_deleting_its_process_file_path_filter`

Associated Analytic Story

How To Implement

You must be ingesting data that records process activity from your hosts to populate the Endpoint data model in the Processes node. You must also be ingesting logs with both the process name and command line from your endpoints. The command-line arguments are mapped to the "process" field in the Endpoint data model.

Required field

  • EventCode
  • Computer
  • user
  • ParentImage
  • ParentCommandLine
  • Image
  • cmdline
  • ProcessID
  • result
  • _time

Kill Chain Phase

  • Exploitation

Known False Positives



Risk Score Impact Confidence Message
60.0 60 100 A process $Image$ tries to delete its process path in commandline $cmdline$ as part of defense evasion in host $Computer$


Test Dataset

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