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Moves the event status to open and then launches the Dispatch playbooks for Reputation Analysis, Attribute Lookup, and Related Tickets.

  • Type: Investigation
  • Product: Splunk SOAR
  • Apps:
  • Last Updated: 2023-03-06
  • Author: Kelby Shelton, Patrick Bareiss, Teoderick Contreras, Lou Stella Splunk
  • ID: fc0edc96-ff1b-65e0-9a4d-64da6783fd64
  • Use-cases:

Associated Detections

How To Implement

  1. Ensure you have a reputation analysis playbook (e.g. VirusTotal v3), an attribute lookup playbook (e.g. Azure AD), and a related ticket search playbook (e.g. ServiceNow).\n2. Download local versions of Identifier Reputation Analysis Dispatch, Attribute Lookup Dispatch, and Related Tickets Search Dispatch playbooks.

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