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Accepts an internet message id, and asks Gmail for a list of mailboxes to search, and then searches each one to look for records that have a matching internet message id. It then produces a normalized output and summary table.

  • Type: Investigation
  • Product: Splunk SOAR
  • Apps: G Suite for GMail
  • Last Updated: 2023-05-12
  • Author: Lou Stella, Splunk
  • ID: 5299d6dd-e9c4-4afa-b051-928ace0ff816
  • Use-cases:
    • Phishing

Associated Detections

How To Implement

This input playbook requires the G Suite for GMail connector to be configured. It is designed to work in environments that posess a maximum of 500 mailboxes at this time, due to a limitation in the G Suite for GMail connector.


ID Technique Definition Category
D3-IAA Identifier Activity Analysis Taking known malicious identifiers and determining if they are present in a system. Identifier Analysis

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