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The following analytic detects the execution of known remote access software within the environment. It leverages network logs mapped to the Web data model, identifying specific URLs and user agents associated with remote access tools like AnyDesk, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, and TeamViewer. This activity is significant as adversaries often use these utilities to maintain unauthorized remote access. If confirmed malicious, this could allow attackers to control systems remotely, exfiltrate data, or further compromise the network, posing a severe security risk.

  • Type: Anomaly
  • Product: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Cloud
  • Datamodel: Web
  • Last Updated: 2024-05-09
  • Author: Steven Dick
  • ID: 9296f515-073c-43a5-88ec-eda5a4626654




ID Technique Tactic
T1219 Remote Access Software Command And Control
Kill Chain Phase
  • Command and Control
  • DE.AE
  • CIS 13
| tstats count min(_time) as firstTime max(_time) as lastTime latest(Web.http_method) as http_method latest(Web.http_user_agent) as http_user_agent latest(Web.url) as url latest(Web.user) as user latest(Web.dest) as dest from datamodel=Web by Web.action Web.src Web.category Web.url_domain 
| `security_content_ctime(firstTime)` 
| `security_content_ctime(lastTime)` 
| `drop_dm_object_name("Web")` 
| lookup remote_access_software remote_domain AS url_domain OUTPUT isutility, description as signature, comment_reference as desc, category 
| search isutility = True 
| `detect_remote_access_software_usage_url_filter`


The SPL above uses the following Macros:

:information_source: detect_remote_access_software_usage_url_filter is a empty macro by default. It allows the user to filter out any results (false positives) without editing the SPL.


The SPL above uses the following Lookups:

Required fields

List of fields required to use this analytic.

  • _time
  • Web.action
  • Web.src
  • Web.category
  • Web.url_domain

How To Implement

The detection is based on data that originates from network logs. These logs must be processed using the appropriate Splunk Technology Add-ons that are specific to the network logs. The logs must also be mapped to the Web data model. Use the Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) to normalize the field names and speed up the data modeling process.

Known False Positives

It is possible that legitimate remote access software is used within the environment. Ensure that the lookup is reviewed and updated with any additional remote access software that is used within the environment.

Associated Analytic Story


Risk Score Impact Confidence Message
25.0 50 50 A domain for a known remote access software $url_domain$ was contacted by $src$.

:information_source: The Risk Score is calculated by the following formula: Risk Score = (Impact * Confidence/100). Initial Confidence and Impact is set by the analytic author.


Test Dataset

Replay any dataset to Splunk Enterprise by using our tool or the UI. Alternatively you can replay a dataset into a Splunk Attack Range

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