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Attacker activity may compromise executing several LOLBAS applications in conjunction to accomplish their objectives. We are looking for more than usual LOLBAS applications over a window of time, by building profiles per machine.

  • Type: Anomaly
  • Product: Splunk Behavioral Analytics
  • Datamodel:
  • Last Updated: 2020-08-25
  • Author: Ignacio Bermudez Corrales, Splunk
  • ID: 59c0dd70-169c-4900-9a1f-bfcf13302f93


ID Technique Tactic
T1059 Command and Scripting Interpreter Execution
T1053 Scheduled Task/Job Execution, Persistence, Privilege Escalation
| from read_ssa_enriched_events() 
| eval device=ucast(map_get(input_event, "dest_device_id"), "string", null), process_name=lower(ucast(map_get(input_event, "process_name"), "string", null)), timestamp=parse_long(ucast(map_get(input_event, "_time"), "string", null)) 
| where process_name=="regsvcs.exe" OR process_name=="ftp.exe" OR process_name=="dfsvc.exe" OR process_name=="rasautou.exe" OR process_name=="schtasks.exe" OR process_name=="xwizard.exe" OR process_name=="findstr.exe" OR process_name=="esentutl.exe" OR process_name=="cscript.exe" OR process_name=="reg.exe" OR process_name=="csc.exe" OR process_name=="atbroker.exe" OR process_name=="print.exe" OR process_name=="pcwrun.exe" OR process_name=="vbc.exe" OR process_name=="rpcping.exe" OR process_name=="wsreset.exe" OR process_name=="ilasm.exe" OR process_name=="certutil.exe" OR process_name=="replace.exe" OR process_name=="mshta.exe" OR process_name=="bitsadmin.exe" OR process_name=="wscript.exe" OR process_name=="ieexec.exe" OR process_name=="cmd.exe" OR process_name=="microsoft.workflow.compiler.exe" OR process_name=="runscripthelper.exe" OR process_name=="makecab.exe" OR process_name=="forfiles.exe" OR process_name=="desktopimgdownldr.exe" OR process_name=="control.exe" OR process_name=="msbuild.exe" OR process_name=="register-cimprovider.exe" OR process_name=="tttracer.exe" OR process_name=="ie4uinit.exe" OR process_name=="sc.exe" OR process_name=="bash.exe" OR process_name=="hh.exe" OR process_name=="cmstp.exe" OR process_name=="mmc.exe" OR process_name=="jsc.exe" OR process_name=="scriptrunner.exe" OR process_name=="odbcconf.exe" OR process_name=="extexport.exe" OR process_name=="msdt.exe" OR process_name=="diskshadow.exe" OR process_name=="extrac32.exe" OR process_name=="eventvwr.exe" OR process_name=="mavinject.exe" OR process_name=="regasm.exe" OR process_name=="gpscript.exe" OR process_name=="rundll32.exe" OR process_name=="regsvr32.exe" OR process_name=="regedit.exe" OR process_name=="msiexec.exe" OR process_name=="gfxdownloadwrapper.exe" OR process_name=="presentationhost.exe" OR process_name=="regini.exe" OR process_name=="wmic.exe" OR process_name=="runonce.exe" OR process_name=="syncappvpublishingserver.exe" OR process_name=="verclsid.exe" OR process_name=="psr.exe" OR process_name=="infdefaultinstall.exe" OR process_name=="explorer.exe" OR process_name=="expand.exe" OR process_name=="installutil.exe" OR process_name=="netsh.exe" OR process_name=="wab.exe" OR process_name=="dnscmd.exe" OR process_name=="at.exe" OR process_name=="pcalua.exe" OR process_name=="cmdkey.exe" OR process_name=="msconfig.exe" 
| stats count(process_name) as lolbas_counter by device,span(timestamp, 300s) 
| eval lolbas_counter=lolbas_counter*1.0 
| rename window_end as timestamp 
| adaptive_threshold algorithm="quantile" value="lolbas_counter" entity="device" window=2419200000L 
| where label AND quantile>0.99 
| eval start_time = window_start, end_time = timestamp, entities = mvappend(device), body=create_map(["lolbas_counter", lolbas_counter, "quantile", quantile, "device", device]) 
| into write_ssa_detected_events();

Associated Analytic Story

How To Implement

Collect endpoint data such as sysmon or 4688 events.

Required field

  • dest_device_id
  • _time
  • process_name

Kill Chain Phase

  • Exploitation

Known False Positives

Some administrative tasks may involve multiple use of LOLBAS applications in a short period of time. This might trigger false positives at the beginning when it hasn't collected yet enough data to construct the baseline.


Risk Score Impact Confidence Message
25.0 50 50 A system process $process_name$ with commandline $cmd_line$ spawn iin short period of time in host $dest_device_id$


Test Dataset

Replay any dataset to Splunk Enterprise by using our tool or the UI. Alternatively you can replay a dataset into a Splunk Attack Range

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