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The search looks for files that contain the key word Ryuk under any folder in the C drive, which is consistent with Ryuk propagation.

  • Type: TTP
  • Product: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Cloud
  • Datamodel:
  • Last Updated: 2020-11-06
  • Author: Rod Soto, Jose Hernandez, Splunk
  • ID: 57d44d70-28d9-4ed1-acf5-1c80ae2bbce3


ID Technique Tactic
T1486 Data Encrypted for Impact Impact

| tstats `security_content_summariesonly` count min(_time) as firstTime max(_time) as lastTime FROM datamodel=Endpoint.Filesystem WHERE "Filesystem.file_path"=C:\\*Ryuk* BY "Filesystem.dest", "Filesystem.user", "Filesystem.file_path" 
| `drop_dm_object_name(Filesystem)` 
| `security_content_ctime(lastTime)` 
| `security_content_ctime(firstTime)` 
| `ryuk_test_files_detected_filter`

Associated Analytic Story

How To Implement

You must be ingesting data that records the filesystem activity from your hosts to populate the Endpoint Filesystem data-model object. If you are using Sysmon, you will need a Splunk Universal Forwarder on each endpoint from which you want to collect data.

Required field

  • _time
  • Filesystem.file_path
  • Filesystem.dest
  • Filesystem.user

Kill Chain Phase

  • Delivery

Known False Positives

If there are files with this keywoord as file names it might trigger false possitives, please make use of our filters to tune out potential FPs.


Risk Score Impact Confidence Message
70.0 70 100 A creation of ryuk test file $file_path$ in host $dest$


Test Dataset

Replay any dataset to Splunk Enterprise by using our tool or the UI. Alternatively you can replay a dataset into a Splunk Attack Range

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