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Leverage searches that allow you to detect and investigate unusual activities that might relate to the IcedID banking trojan, including looking for file writes associated with its payload, process injection, shellcode execution and data collection.

  • Product: Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Cloud
  • Datamodel: Endpoint
  • Last Updated: 2021-07-29
  • Author: Teoderick Contreras, Splunk
  • ID: 1d2cc747-63d7-49a9-abb8-93aa36305603


IcedId banking trojan campaigns targeting banks and other vertical sectors.This malware is known in Microsoft Windows OS targetting browser such as firefox and chrom to steal banking information. It is also known to its unique payload downloaded in C2 where it can be a .png file that hides the core shellcode bot using steganography technique or gzip dat file that contains “license.dat” which is the actual core icedid bot.


Name Technique Type
Account Discovery With Net App Domain Account TTP
CHCP Command Execution Command and Scripting Interpreter TTP
Create Remote Thread In Shell Application Process Injection TTP
Drop IcedID License dat Malicious File Hunting
Eventvwr UAC Bypass Bypass User Account Control TTP
FodHelper UAC Bypass Modify Registry, Bypass User Account Control TTP
IcedID Exfiltrated Archived File Creation Archive via Utility Hunting
Mshta spawning Rundll32 OR Regsvr32 Process Mshta TTP
NLTest Domain Trust Discovery Domain Trust Discovery TTP
Office Application Spawn Regsvr32 process Spearphishing Attachment TTP
Office Application Spawn rundll32 process Spearphishing Attachment TTP
Office Document Executing Macro Code Spearphishing Attachment TTP
Office Product Spawning MSHTA Spearphishing Attachment TTP
Registry Keys Used For Persistence Registry Run Keys / Startup Folder TTP
Rundll32 Create Remote Thread To A Process Process Injection TTP
Rundll32 CreateRemoteThread In Browser Process Injection TTP
Rundll32 DNSQuery Rundll32 TTP
Rundll32 Process Creating Exe Dll Files Rundll32 TTP
Schedule Task with Rundll32 Command Trigger Scheduled Task/Job TTP
Sqlite Module In Temp Folder Data from Local System TTP
Suspicious IcedID Regsvr32 Cmdline Regsvr32 TTP
Suspicious IcedID Rundll32 Cmdline Rundll32 TTP
Suspicious Rundll32 PluginInit Rundll32 TTP
WinEvent Scheduled Task Created Within Public Path Scheduled Task TTP


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